The Future is Neither 
Kat Genikov and Svetlana Durel

Friday, December 4th, 2015

7-11 PM

on view until December 19th 2015
Thurs thru Sat 3-7pm and by appt. 

with performances by:
Kat Genikov
Nora Keyes
Achey and Shakey- (R.K Shuquem & Diana Briscoe)

New painting, video, sculpture, sound, and performance by Kat Genikov and Svetlana Durel 

Russian-American artist Kat Genikov, b.1987, uses a variety of mediums not limited to paint. Her methods include working in oil, musical composition and video while improvising with a personal visual language alongside a discourse with contemporary abstract language. Genikov's process is multilayered, beginning with music compositons that she then develops into paintings and drawing, created in trance like states. Through layering and collage techniques, the paintings are transformed into animated works. Genikov received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and lives and works in Los Angeles CA. She has exhibited at the LAB and Human Resources. 
http:// katherinegenikov.com/

Svetlana Durel, b.1989, is a Russian-American artist who grew up in St Petersburg before moving to Los Angeles as a teenager where she currently lives and works. Durel primarily work in oil and mixed media, skirting the line between the figurative and the entropic. She received her BFA at Otis and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Artes in Paris. 

There will be a multimedia performance with Kat Genikov and friends on Thursday December 10th at 8pm, and a closing on December 27th. from 7-10 PM. Closing on Friday December 18th with performance by Nora Keyes

Kat Genikov Untitled, oil on canvas, 2015

6546 Hollywood Blvd #215 Los Angeles CA 90028


323 356 4225

Svetlana Durel, Untitled Mixed Media