Press Release

GARDENS: A Group Show May 3- June 6th 2019

Opening Friday May 3rd 7-11pm

gallery hours Fri+Sat 2-6pm and by appt.

A live performance from LA based Moroccan Gnawa band, "Gnawest" begins at 9 pm

Participating artists include:

Liv Aanrud

Jules de Balincourt

Nevena Binney

Rachid Bouhamidi

Keenan Derby

Sarita Dougherty

Patrick Donovan

Amir H. Fallah

Daniel Gibson

Josh Hagler

Chris Johanson

Nilay Lawson

Jasmine Little

Manuel Lopez

Rob Monforte

Colin Roberts

Maja Ruznic

Forouzan Safari

Jovi Schnell

Liz Walsh

Curated by Rachid Bouhamidi and co-conceptualized by Arshia Fatima Haq

The garden  is conceived of as a place of sanctuary, refuge, isolation, and as a place where emotions and identities are cultivated. It is both a literal environment and a metaphor of the human psyche. Vegetation, soil, organic matter, botanical motifs and patterns, the cycles of flower and fruit, and the waxing and waning of seasons, all become surrogates for aspects of yearning for tranquility, freedom, sexual adventure, and spiritual totality. Gardens are thus transformed in to mirrors of the desires, struggles, and transformations of those who inhabit them.

This exhibition interprets the garden in its variegated metaphorical and literal aspects, through a group of artists who use various mediums to explore this realm from tactile to conceptual forms. - Rachid Bouhamidi and  Arshia Fatima Haq


206 S Ave 20 Los Angeles CA 90031

323 356 4225